We accept

Trodat Professional

Your range of user frindly high quality stamps for all purpose. Usebility for text and dater stamps

Colop Unik

Try the all new Colop printer range, which we designed to be used, and you have our own XXL window for your own design. This stamp will be all yours.


Creat you own empression on your documents, fotos or notes. Our range of "seals" makes it all personal, perfect and smooth

Standard Stamps

Choose between hunders of Cartons, Smily´s or business stamps. Easy to ad, your own text lines, and a very law cost. Make your personal standard stamps.

Mobile Stamps

When you are on the move, and you need to make impression when you are out on travel, out of your office or, just away from your desk.

Cant find your kids?

When your kids clothes or toys are missing, its often because it did not have a name on. Make it here. It last for long in the washing machine too.